The selective electroplating treatment allows us to finish an object only in the places required by the customer. Thanks to continuous technological research at our plants, we are able to use two distinct processes for this treatment:

  • Selective electroplating 1.0
  • Selective electroplating 2.0

Selective galvanic treatment 1.0

We use selective electroplating treatment 1.0 to finish only the surfaces involved. Only the parts made of treatable plastic of an object immersed in the electroplating baths is finished in our colours. Selective 1.0 is only possible if the customer provides us an item made of two different types of plastic.

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Selective 2.0

Selective electroplating treatment 2.0 allows us to finish only specific and pre-determined surfaces, even if the object is made of a single type of plastic! It is also possible to create logos and graphics in different colours in untreated areas.

The new treatment will allow you to save time and money.

The advantages of selective electroplating treatment 2.0:

  1. lower costs compared to selective 1.0, which uses a complicated and expensive process of co-moulding involving two different types of plastic
  2. the ability to create logos, graphics and very complex decorations, which is not possible using electroplating 1.0, in a simple, fast and economical manner, even for limited production numbers
  3. logos, graphics and decorations in up to 5 different colours on the same item
  4. the ability for a logo or geometric shape to be transparently visible, if backlit
  5. isolation of certain areas without deposits for technical reasons: if it is necessary to maintain rigid coupling and assembly tolerances, or if it is necessary for certain areas not to have electrical conductivity.
  6. isolation of certain areas without deposits for cost reasons: limiting deposits only to certain areas allows production costs to be optimised considerably and an item to be treated only in the “aesthetic” areas, avoiding the loss of material in non-aesthetic areas.

Selective Electroplating treatment: Shiny Metal Black


Would you like to learn more about this type of treatment? Please contact us for further information or a quote!

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