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Cromoplastica CMC is extremely aware of the huge urgency of CO2 emission reduction into the atmosphere, main cause of climate changes which are seriously damaging our planet.

For this reason, since several years, we are deeply focused in reducing as much as possible CO2 emission during all steps of our production.

Italian and European IPPC IED and AIA authorizations and ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certifications achieved by our company in the last few years and controlled by the most excellent international standards, are the best warranty of the existence of a control system, surveillance and protection of the environment and of the activities carried out by Cromoplastica CMC.



Our goal is to reach within 2030 ZERO CO2 emission either issued or offset, reduced to 0 for all company’s direct activities.

Leaving our planet cleaner than we found it to future generations is the goal we care about most.
Sustainable futures and respect for the environment are the basic lessons we must pass on to new generations.


Here below are all the interventions carried out to achieve this goal:


90Kwh photovoltaic system since 2012, producing part of the total daily electricity needs.


Patented technology (since 2009) of a 100% recovery technology of metals contained in solid waste from the industrial wastewater treatment process, reconverted into metal, recycled and put back into the market.


Installation in 2007 of a sampler of the water coming out of our sewage treatment plant, which performs multiple analyses every day of all sensitive parameters. The data are automatically recorded in a sealed black box accessible only by the state bodies in charge of control. 


Installation in 2015 of a cogeneration plant which, through the use of natural gas, has allowed the self-production of thermal energy to cover most of the needs and electricity equal to 25% of the needs.


New atmospheric emission purification system since 2014, which has achieved new standards and a very high level of purity of air emitted into the atmosphere.


Construction in 2018 of a new automated industrial wastewater purification department, which can be totally managed remotely and without human presence, with a capacity of wastewater purification increased by 5 times compared to the previous plant. The plant is specially oversized, to ensure even in case of emergency, the storage of all incoming and consequently outgoing liquids.


In addition to the many initiatives implemented so far such as energy productions with photovoltaic and cogeneration systems and the reduction of consumption through the replacement of old machinery with new, higher-performance systems, we report two main points:

  • In 2018, a 5 hectare forest of Giant Bamboo was planted 20 km from our production site, which became productive in 2021, has allowed the offsetting of a considerable amount of CO2/year and will contribute greatly to the achievement of the ZERO CO2 target by 2030.
  • From 2025, the remaining electricity needed for production will be purchased exclusively from TUV certified wind or hydroelectric production sites, with associated supply traceability from the production site to Cromoplastica CMC.

9 trivalent finishes with “Green” technology

Cromoplastica continues its commitment in order to offer to the market an increasingly more and more eco-sustainable technologies maintaining the programmatic commitment of the green deal launched since 2015 (Zero CO2 by 2030).

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