All our electroplating treatments are the result of a long and complex process.
The available finishes are perfectly suited to every customer need and offer high quality aesthetic solutions.

1. 50 finishes including 9 trivalent
2. Esclusive galvanic treatment
3. Selective electroplating treatment
4. Touch electroplating treatment

In addition to the possibilities that the galvanic treatment offers, the galvanic technique can be integrated with other processes to reach the most varied and particular aesthetic and practical results, click here to discover the potential!

Galvanic Treatment | Cromoplasticacmc Plating on plastic


50 finishes including 9 trivalent

Shiny, satin and velour electroplated finishes in various colours

Cromoplastica CMC is currently the only company able to provide fully industrialised production of as many as 50 different electroplating treatments, compared with an average of 6-8 finishes provided by our competitors.

Our selection of electroplated finishes comprises three distinct variations (shiny, satin and velour) for the base colours:

  • chromium, nickel, white bronze
  • silver
  • metal black, graphite
  • sahara, coral
  • extra light gold (1N), light gold (2N), standard gold (3N)
  • rose gold (only in the shiny version)
  • gold purple
  • gold purple plus

In addition to these, there are 9 other finishes manufactured from green technology aiming to offer our customers new eco-sustainable decoration solutions for their plastic items. We called them Ice chrome, Titan and Eclipse, available in shiny, matt and velour versions. Click here to learn more about these 9 “green” finishes.

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Esclusive Galvanic Treatment

Nowadays it’s feasible: relief effects starting from smooth surfaces.

Exclusive galvanizing allows you to create an embossed effect (on relief) on a smooth piece through the application of an ADDITIVE DEVELOPED BY CHROMOPLASTICA which receives and incorporates galvanic treatment.

As a result, smooth piece can be customized with graphics and logos, which previously could only be obtained with a preformed mold (which often must be archived or even thrown away once the manufacture is finished).

This new technology allows to reach total product customization, and without any modification of the mold!

With this technology, types of graphics are endless and, unlike selective 2.0, you can create not only closed spaces but also any kind of graphics and logos with great ease and speed;

This innovative treatment embellishes plastic piece enhancing light reflections typical of galvanization.

Selective electroplating treatment

Selective plastic electroplated finishes

Thanks to state of the art treatment lines and intense study and design processes, we are now able to restrict the application of the electroplating process to certain areas of items and faithfully maintain the initial appearance of the remaining areas of the item.

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Touch electroplating treatment

Our colours are suitable for all types of surfaces

Our finishes are also nice to the touch. We’re talking about a particular “touch” or embossed plastic electroplating technique. Thanks to our technology, we maintain every microscopic tactile aspect on the object, without sacrificing quality.

The faithful reproduction of even the smallest decoration is only possible through electroplating, unlike metallisation, which eliminates almost all microscopic reliefs on the object.

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