Every year we invest more than 10-15% of profits on the research and development of new technologies and processes, environmental sustainability, continuous computer updating of our production and management systems and automation, allowing us to be continuously at the forefront in the main markets.

New finish: Esclusive Galvanic Treatment 9 trivalent finishes with “Green” technology

An exclusive finish which allows you to create an embossed effect (on relief) on a smooth piece through the application of an ADDITIVE DEVELOPED BY CROMOPLASTICA which receives galvanic treatment.

The main feature is the use of trivalent chromium.

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New finish: Esclusive Galvanic Treatment

An exclusive finish which allows you to create an embossed effect (on relief) on a smooth piece through the application of an ADDITIVE DEVELOPED BY CROMOPLASTICA which receives galvanic treatment.

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Here is an example of how the plastic piece (1st stage) is first treated with the application of the exclusive additive (2nd stage) and finally galvanized (3rd stage), by moving the sliders you can see the different images.

New certifications

In 1997, we obtained ISO 9001.

In 2008, our respect for the environment led us to obtain the IEA, Integrated Environmental Authorisation issued by the Lombardy Regional Agency for the Protection of the Environment, which certifies the full compliance of our systems with the IPCC/IED European directives.

In 1997 we obtained ISO9001 recently updated to ISO 9001:2015.

In 2017 we also received approval of additional 2 very important certifications regarding Environmental & Safety Management System which, to tell the truth, were already successfully present and used in our company, following rules ISO 14001:2015 e ISO 45001:2018

At last, in 2023, obtaining the certification based on the IATF 16949:2016 norm, guarantees Cromoplastica CMC srl’s compliance with the quality requirements set by the automotive sector.

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Selective treatment 2.0

We are already capable of treating certain parts of an object, but on one condition: the surface not to be electroplated must be made from a plastic that is not ABS, Bayblend or polypropylene. In future, this will no longer be necessary because we’ll take care of everything, at a lower cost to the customer.
Thanks to selective 2.0 selective treatment, that we have developed and provide exclusively, we will be able to autonomously limit the electroplating deposit to certain areas, with the ability to create logos and graphics in an infinite range of colours.

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Elimination of hexavalent chromium

Cromoplastica continues its commitment to replace hazardous substances, focusing its attention on hexavalent chromium.
This substance is now used in the chemical etching process and in the final treatment of chrome finish items which is particularly demanded by the market.

In 2021 we have implemented a significant modification of the production lines allowing us to introduce new finishes in Trivalent Chrome, which will gradually replace the use of Hexavalent Chrome in the decoration process of Chrome finishes.

We also continued our analysis for the study of technological alternatives chromium-free during chemical etching part, with the aim of replacing the substance also in the initial aggression steps.

To date, according to the reports received back and to samples performed by suppliers which will be potentially involved, the technology is still not ready for industrialization; we have therefore submitted an independent request to European authorities for the use of the substance, with the goal of extending the times for analysis, testing and the approval of new FREE chrome processes.

Investment in the automotive industry

The automotive market is increasingly using electroplating treatment, since it is the only finishing process capable of providing the highest level of aesthetic and technical results, as well as complying with the strict specifications and requirements of automobile manufacturers. In the coming years, we intend to invest in this industry and increase our presence in this market.

Raw material storage

We have a large warehouse, equal to 1,000 euro pallets, and place it at the complete disposal of our customers for large quantities to be processed and for the creation of safety stocks, which allow the reduction of lead times and production costs.

We will develop an infinite range of colour

Part of the investments relate to research in the creation of new colours: so far we have managed 50, but we will soon be adding more. Our goal, as always, is to create an infinite range of colours.

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Gold and gold purple plus colours

The latest two colours we have developed are available in shiny, satin and velour variations. However, our commitment to creating new colours continues every day…

Touch Treatment

If our customers have objects with particular reliefs, thanks to our electroplating touch, we are capable of maintaining the characteristics of any surface, enhancing its special and sophisticated forms.

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