Revolution started: “green” future of Plating on Plastic begins now

9 New Trivalent Finishes treated with GREEN technology, eco-sustainable. Cromoplastica continues its commitment in order to offer to the market an increasingly more and more eco-sustainable technologies maintaining the programmatic commitment of the green deal
launched since 2015 (Zero CO2 by 2030).

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Cromoplastica official video

Have you ever been to our company? This video shows Cromoplastica and its processes.

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New finish: Esclusive Galvanic Treatment

An exclusive finish which allows you to create an embossed effect (on relief) on a smooth piece through the application of an ADDITIVE DEVELOPED BY CHROMOPLASTICA which receives galvanic treatment.

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Gold purple and gold purple plus

Compared with an average of 6-8 finishes provided by our competitors, Cromoplastica CMC is able to provide fully industrialised production of as many as 50 different electroplating treatments.
Gold purple and gold purple plus, both available in shiny, satin and velour variations, are the latest electroplating treatments; more will follow shortly.

Before and after effects

A few pictures are often worth more a thousand words: visit the before & after page and discover how certain objects, of various shapes and sizes, completely change their look after our electroplating treatments!

Esclusive Galvanic Treatment

  1. injected item, before electroplating treatment
  2. application of a special addictive
  3. electroplating treatment

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Selective electroplating 2.0

Selective electroplating treatment 2.0 allows us to finish only specific and pre-determined surfaces, even if the object is made of a single type of plastic! It is also possible to create logos and graphics in different colours in untreated areas.
The new treatment will allow you to save time and money.

Touch electroplating treatment

Our finishes are also nice to the touch. We’re talking about a particular “touch” or embossed plastic electroplating technique. Thanks to our technology, we maintain every microscopic tactile aspect on the object, without sacrificing quality.

The faithful reproduction of even the smallest decoration is only possible through electroplating, unlike metallisation, which eliminates almost all microscopic reliefs on the object.

Free samples

Free samples of all finishes are available upon request, including the new selective treatment technology, so that you may fully appreciate the high quality of our treatments.

We can recreate the same finish perfectly years later

We are capable of achieving the same finishes years later.
All this is possible thanks to our automated barcode system, customised for each item, and a 10-year historical production data back-up.

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Differences between galvanization and other decorative techniques

What for other decorations is a problem, becomes a strong point-value added for galvanizing!

Cold touch effect, resistant to abrasion, stress test, resistance over time and maintenance of color are just some of the peculiarities that distinguish our galvanizing process.

Galvanizing is not a film; it is something totally linked to your packaging!!

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