The company

Cromoplastica CMC –  Plating on Plastic is the leading Italian company in plastic component electroplating.

We have been using electroplating techniques in the following industries for over 35 years:

  • cosmetics and perfumery
  • automotive
  • luxury sanitary fittings
  • interior design

We are the only company on the market that can provide 41 different finishes to premiere Italian and international customers.

Industrial Galvanic Treatments | CromoplasticaCmC Plating on Plastic


Our Present

Here are some figures on our company’s current production capacity:

  • 90 employees currently employed at the sites in Castelli Calepio and Grumello del Monte
  • daily output of about 400,000 pieces, amounting to circa 1800 sq.m/day of treatable surface
  • great flexibility of the processing process, capable of treating components ranging from 0.5 cm² 20,000 cm²
  • 41 available finishes, including the last 6 introduced in 2016, named gold-purple and gold-purple plus (in shiny, satin and velour).

Discover all the finishes available at our factories!

Our future

Cromoplastica CMC – Plating on Plastic is still at the forefront in the third millennium, thanks to continuous research and innovation. Our company has a number of short and medium term objectives:

  • Planned major investments aimed at a sustainable future, with the introduction of in-house energy production technologies in energy requirements and “green” processing technologies.
  • Introduction of trivalent chromium in the electroplating process.
  • New chemical treatment technology that involves the complete elimination of hexavalent chromium.
  • Introduction of anthropomorphic robotic technologies to position items for the production equipment.
  • Unlimited number of available colours, to suit any customer need and access new markets with our decades of experience.

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Visit the page on the industries to which we provide our electroplating plastic finishes!

Our past

The history of Cromoplastica CMC – Plating on Plastic:

A summary of some of the most significant moments in the history of Cromoplastica CMC – Plating on Plastic:

  • 1978: Year in which the business, a pioneer in the field of galvanisation in Italy, was founded
  • 1986: Complete automation of the industrial waste treatment and purification process
  • 1988: Complete automation of the electroplating treatment process and installation of the second automated line of treatment.
  • 1993: Installation of the Satin-effect finishes and increase of the finishes to 6
  • 1997: Certification of the Quality Management System according to standard ISO9001
  • 2006: Certificate of 100%recycling of industrial solid waste
  • 2008: Achievement of the Integrated Environmental Authorisation IEA-IPP/IED
  • 2009: Increase to 24 available finishes
  • 2010: Installation of the FIFO and barcode system for in/out goods logistics management
  • 2011: Increase to 35 available finishes
  • 2012: Barcodes for automatic production formulas, customised for each item
  • 2013: Logistics platform with a capacity of 1,000 Euro Pallets
  • 2014: Automatic ergonomic workstation for positioning items
  • 2015: Installation of the photovoltaic system and laser scan smoke detection system
  • 2016: Schedule and programming management via web.

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