Here are some examples of the results of our treatments:

Galvanic chrome treatment: Coffee machine


Galvanic chrome treatment: Mercedes-Benz perfume


Esclusive Galvanic Treatment

  1. injected item, before electroplating treatment
  2. application of a special addictive
  3. electroplating treatment


Esclusive galvanic Treatment: Chrome Velour


Selective Electroplating 2.0 : Shiny Chrome with selective green additive


Selective Electroplating 2.0: Shiny Metal Black

Selective and Esclusive Galvanic Treatment: Shiny Chrome with selective rose additive


Selective Electroplating treatment: Shiny Chrome


Perfumery and cosmetics
The finish in this industry is our core business

Electroplating treatment: Shiny Chrome

Electroplating treatment: Shiny Rose Gold 1

Electroplating treatment: Shiny Chrome

Electroplating treatment: Shiny Light Gold

Sanitary fittings
High level of quality that endures over time.

Electroplating treatment: Shiny Chrome

Interior design/Various
Only durable and quality finishes.

Electroplating treatment: Shiny Chrome

We finish auto components for the top manufacturers.

Electroplating treatment: Chrome Velour

Electroplating treatment: Chrome Velour


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