“World is a reflection of our actions”
Cromoplastica C.M.C. has always paid special attention to ethics; We consider welfare of workers as important as high product quality and competitiveness of prices

Henry Ford said, “Society is mainly made up of people without whom it can’t go ahead. They are the heart of society and we will have to give them more consideration.”



Cromoplastica C.M.C. is currently organized in the following way:

41% of loading and unloading department is made up of employees belonging to disadvantaged category: in details, 11 are socially disadvantaged workers and 3 are disable people.
Whilst in quality department, percentage is 26%; in details 7 are socially disadvantaged people.

Analysis and injuries
In addition to having employees belonging to disadvantaged categories in the company, Cromoplastica C.M.C. also takes great care of all its employees’ health. Since 2006, a series of in-depth analyzes of their activities have been carried out.
With the support of qualified doctors and laboratories, we are used to do:

  • annual urine analysis, extended to all our employees working inside production department.
  • annual blood tests, extended to all our employees performing tasks involving chemical substances handling.

For Cromoplastica CMC, it is a pride to be able to show its customers the commitment that their collaborators put every day to create excellent products.

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