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In this section, you can learn about the characteristics that distinguish us from the competition and allow us to be leaders in the electroplating of plastic parts.

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9 New Trivalent Finishes treated with GREEN technology, eco-sustainable

Cromoplastica continues its commitment in order to offer to the market an increasingly more and more eco-sustainable technologies maintaining the programmatic commitment of the green deal launched since 2015 (Zero CO2 by 2030).

The main feature is the use of trivalent chromium. 

The aim is to replace gradually the current chrome finishes, according to market demands and customer needs, with the elimination of hazardous substances and a drastic reduction in CO2 emissions, while maintaining and improving performance and anti-corrosion resistance to salt tests NSS-AASS-CASS, synthetic sweat, etc.

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Certifications ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, IATF 16949:2016, AIA

The quality is demonstrated by the certifications obtained over the years.

In 1997, we obtained ISO 9001.

In 2008, our respect for the environment led us to obtain the IEA, Integrated Environmental Authorisation issued by the Lombardy Regional Agency for the Protection of the Environment, which certifies the full compliance of our systems with the IPCC/IED European directives.

In 1997 we obtained ISO9001 recently updated to ISO 9001:2015.

In 2017 we also received approval of additional 2 very important certifications regarding Environmental & Safety Management System which, to tell the truth, were already successfully present and used in our company, following rules ISO 14001:2015 e ISO 45001:2018

At last, in 2023, obtaining the certification based on the IATF 16949:2016 norm, guarantees Cromoplastica CMC srl's compliance with the quality requirements set by the automotive sector.

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Differences between galvanization and other decorative techniques 

What for other decorations is a problem, becomes a strong point value added for galvanizing!

Cold touch effect, resistant to abrasion, stress test, resistance over time and maintenance of color are just some of the peculiarities that distinguish our galvanizing process.

Galvanizing is not a film; it is something totally linked to your packaging!

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Free Samples

Free samples of all finishes are available upon request, including the new selective treatment technology, so that you may fully appreciate the high quality of our treatments.

Energy saving

All our activities respect the environment and reduce energy costs, to ensure the future sustainability of the treatment.

We produce more than 60% of our thermal and electric energy requirements in-house by using photovoltaic and cogeneration systems.

Furthermore, we use LED lights in all our factories, reducing electricity consumption by 55%.

Solid waste recycling/treatment of air emissions

A turning point of our green philosophy was the complete recycling of the metal solid waste and the treatment of air emissions thanks to scrubber technology, which completely eliminates all fumes produced during the course of processing and transfers the residual liquid to a certified filtration system.

Minimum waste due to fully automated internal processes

The fully automated and specifically designed processing cycle for each item allows the percentage of waste material during the finishing process to be reduced to a minimum.

Fisher scope® XRAY. Certified quality.

To verify deposit thickness of the various metal layers, we have been recently equipped with FISCHERSCOPE XRAY XAN222, the most advanced instrument available on the market nowadays, able to measure with extreme precision deposited thicknesses in a few seconds without damaging or destroying the piece, so that to guarantee the customer the perfect reproducibility of our treatments over time.

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Dimensions of the products treated up to 2.5 metres x 1 metre

The versatility of our production facilities allows the processing of objects with a surface area of 0.5 cm² area and large pieces up to 20.000 cm², maintaining the same quality standards.

Ability to achieve identical finishes even years later

Our customers can come to us after a long time in the knowledge that they will get the same finishes.

All this is possible thanks to our automated barcode system, customised for each item, and a 10-year historical production data back-up.

Storage of the raw material for manufacturing the product in a short time

Our logistics warehouse allows us to store up to 1,000 pallets of customer material.

This logistical capability allows us to reduce storage times and speed-up processing.

FIFO production using an automatic receiving logging system

Thanks to the FIFO (First In First Out) logging system using handheld devices, we can catalogue all production orders according to the customer's storage methods: material coding by date, by order or according to other criteria.

This allows us to accurately identify any moulding defects and immediately isolate the individual production batch, thereby reducing the risk for the customer and avoiding production downtimes.

Truly competitive prices

All the characteristics listed and guaranteed quality standards of our finishes are available at rates that are lower on average and have a higher quality/price ratio than our competitors.

Below is an example of a plastic object we finished using galvanisation:

Selective and Esclusive Galvanic Treatment: Shiny Chrome with selective rose additive

  1. injected item, before electroplating treatment
  2. application of a special selective addictive
  3. electroplating treatment

Electroplating treatment: Shiny Chrome

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