Plastic material galvanization carried out by Cromoplastica is still today the best possible decoration technology

You won’t find anything like that on the market.

  • Aesthetic results with the highest level, even for extremely complex geometries, with the possibility of decorating also in internal or hidden cavities
  • technical performance of very high resistance even to the most demanding stress tests
  • true cold touch effect, identical to that of a forged metal part
  • Treatment compatibility of several polymers such as ABS, Bayblend, PP
  • Treatment selectivity for 2k – 3k parts, with extreme product design and backlight concept possibilities
  • Avantgarde decorating technologies, not only in the types of coatings but also in the application methods, with a strong emphasis on sustainability
  • very high productivity, equal to 2,000 square meters / day, expressed in potential 100 million pieces / year
  • exceptional automation, not only during coating process but also in the handling and preparation process, fully robotic and automated
  • management system certifications according to ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, IATF16949

Cromoplastica Cmc Plating on plastic achieved all these goals.

Industrial Galvanic Treatments & Plastic Galvanization

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implemented in the last years

EcoVadis is an important international rating platform of corporate eco-sustainability, which bases its score on each company’s commitment in relation to work and human rights, sustainable purchases, ethics and environment. Last year, Cromoplastica was awarded the EcoVadis Silver rating and, very soon after, the numerous efforts aimed at strengthening its commitment to a “green” perspective, earned it the Gold level.

The Gold Rating rewards an advanced, structured and proactive approach, in addition to having demonstrated concrete policies and actions on important issues, with detailed information on the respective implementation plans.

We refine products performing the process of galvanizing plastic.

We are specialists in electroplating techniques for the following industries: cosmetics and perfumery, automotive, luxury sanitary fittings and interior design.
We have 50 different finishes and work for premiere Italian and international customers, all at very competitive prices.

Our treatment lines, which are fully automated and robotised, are capable of processing both small and large objects up to 240 x 90 centimetres.

Cromoplastica is equipped with certified ISO 9001 quality management systems, environment ISO14001 and safety OHSAS18001 and our production sites achieved Italian certification AIA and European IPPC/IED in 2008. At last, the IATF 16949:2016 standard guarantees compliance with the quality requirements set by the automotive sector.


  • Galvanizzazione della plastica Automotive manopole-3
  • Finiture galvaniche su plastica Automotive alzacristalli
  • Finiture galvaniche su plastica Interior design base lampada
  • Finiture galvaniche su plastica Profumeria e cosmetica Tappi con anelli
  • Finiture galvaniche su-plastica Idrosanitaria piastra di azionamento WC-3
  • Finiture galvaniche su plastica trattamento selettivo Tappi profumo
  • Galvanizzazione della plastica 41 differenti finiture tappi profumo
  • Tappo-profumo-effetto-touch-Cromplastica-plating-on-plastic-03
  • Trattamento-esclusivo-lavorazione-completata-Cromoplastica-plating-on-plastic-2
  • Selektive-galvanische-Behandlung-Isoloriende-Tinde-Cromoplastica-05
  • Finiture-galvaniche-su-plastica-Automotive-alzacristalli-3
  • Finiture-galvaniche-su-plastica-Automotive-manopole
  • Finiture-galvaniche-su-plastica-Idrosanitaria-piastra-di-azionamento-WC-2
  • Finiture-galvaniche-su-plastica-Interior-design-Phon
  • Finiture-galvaniche-su-plastica-Interior-design-Placca
  • Galvanizzazione-su-plastica-Automotive-bocchettone
  • Galvanizzazione-su-plastica-Automotive-dettaglio
  • Galvanizzazione-su-plastica-Automotive-manopole-2
  • Galvanizzazione-su-plastica-Idrosanitaria-oblò-lavatrice-2
  • Galvanizzazione-su-plastica-Idrosanitaria-soffioni-doccia
  • Galvanizzazione-su-plastica-Interior-design-pulsanti-citofono
  • Galvanizzazione-su-plastica-Profumeria-e-cosmetica-Profumo
  • Plastica-galvanizzata-Idrosanitaria-placca-water

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