Additional applications on galvanic treatment

Today we would like to talk about 3 other techniques that allow to customize plastic part in different ways: selective galvanic treatment, laser engraving and silk printing.

Galvanic finish, as we mentioned in the previous newsletter, is generally used as unique process, but today we can go further by combining it with: varnish process, silk printing, brushing, pad printing and laser engraving.

Varnish process

In household appliances and in sanitary sectors,  galvanization combined with a shiny or matt varnish ensures longer duration over time, enhancing high quality of the final product at considerably lower costs than using metal.

Even after thousands of uses, the finish will remain perfectly the same as the first time.

On the pictures, you can see following effects:

  • Shiny metal black + transparent matt varnish
  • Shiny standard gold + transparent shiny varnish
  • Shiny Coral + transparent shiny varnish

Brush effect

Brushing is a mechanical process which consists in treating an item already galvanized with special brushes that create the classic abrasive effect, reproducing a matt /partly shiny surface with light well-defined parallel grooves.

Galvanized plates present in the gallery, can easily replace those made of forged steel, BUT with a cost at least 7 times lower.

Very high levels of elegance are achieved at much more affordable prices than steel:

  • Shiny nickel, then mechanically brushed, and finally a matt transparent varnish is applied. Effect obtained is typical of steel.
  • Second piece was treated with a shiny chrome finish, then mechanically brushed and finally varnished with a shiny transparent varnish.

In both cases, varnish process creates effect NO TOUCH, fingerprints are not visible and the product remains always shiny and clean.
In these 2 last examples after galvanic process, we have 2 further manufacturing steps.

Laser engraving

This process is a post-galvanic process which consists in removing galvanic deposition through a laser beam. This technique is used when the product is to be used in backlight. Pattern obtained on the piece by lasering is enhanced by a light source placed at the rear or inside of the product itself. This process provides a high degree of customization: galvanized piece can be finished through laser engraving in various drawings. Considering the versatility of this process, the field in which it is more prevalent is the automotive sector: from a mold of a single shape different items can be obtained with each one a different text or logo.

Silk-screen printing

Silk-screen printing is the most used process with galvanic process. Everybody have experienced over time the union of the two processes. Today, this combination is still widely used, but as you have seen, technology has allowed us to go much further.

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